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          1. Ontario Election 2022

            Ontario Election 2022 - not a surprise?
            Apparently that's what we wanted, no surprises, stay the course, better the devil you know, ya-da ya-da.
            Ford peddled a Goldilocks pablum, not too far left, not too far right, just comfortably in the middle. Whether that's what we actually get will be another story. Somehow this defender of corporations is now also a blue-collar conservative party, that will magically cut taxes while increasing services, that will promote climate change and mass transit while building huge highways, that will care about our health while privatizing services and piling on user fees.

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            When is an apology not an apology?

            51404667741_c029a13c79_e TL;DR - When it's all about you.

            • When you say your behaviour is inexcusable, then offer up excuses, refusing to accept responsibility.
            • When you apologize, then expect the other person to do their part and pardon/forgive you.
            • When your motivation, and any regrets you feel, are only based on others now seeing you as a bad person. BTW - you'll know this if you immediately feel better, no more regrets or shame.

            What might be a good apology?

            • Start with "I'm sorry." Not just regrets.
            • Add in, carefully, details such as 'sorry I hurt you, sorry I crashed your car, sorry I ignored you."
            • Acknowledge the consequences of what you did.
            • Offer a plan on how you will fix this wrong and how you will try to avoid it again.
            • Be clear that any forgiveness/pardon/trust is entirely up to them.
            • Push back, gently, if they try to say it was nothing. If you hurt them, then it was something.

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            Conqueror Virtual Challenge - Berlin Wall

            Another short-ish challenge, the Berlin Wall. From the site, "The Berlin Wall takes you on a powerful 30mi (48km) journey through the center of Berlin, Germany, from Waltersdorfer Chaussee to Hermsdorf. What used to be a symbol of a world split in half by the Cold War now is the symbol of freedom, liberty, and unity."

            FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #758 - 'Berlin-wall-map en - Berlin Wall - Wikipedia' - en.wikipedia.orgHere's a map from Wiki of the wall back then, showing checkpoints. Key: Solid line: the Berlin Wall Dotted line: edges of East Berlin Blue dots: Checkpoints open to Germans only Red dots: Checkpoints open to Germans and non-Germans.

            64681748I got a postcard and letter soon after starting out. I'll add the text from the letter here. 

            The thriving city of Berlin is home to 3.8 million people. It is the capital city of Germany, the largest city in the country and one of the most populated in Europe. A tourist destination, Berlin is rich with culture, diverse architecture, vibrant nightlife, a plethora of festivities and a very high quality of life.

            Yet not so long-ago, Berlin was a decimated city, a result of heavy bombing during WWII. When Germany lost the war in 1945, the country was divided by the Allies into four sectors. The Allies consisted of the United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union (USSR). East Germany was occupied by the USSR and West Germany was split between the other three. Berlin, as the capital city, was located in East Germany and it too was carved up into East and West Berlin.

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